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Custard Chaos   added thursday
Meet Stacey and Jennifer, the new girls, 2 girls ready for action. It's Stacey's 1st time getting messy. Add lots of custard and its gonna be chaos!

Stacey starts playing with the custard and is unsure to begin, saying, "That actually feels horrid." But she warms up to it with the help of Jennif...
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Spaghetti Jennifer   added wednesday
Jennifer Starts calmly eating some of the spaghetti from the tub in front of her saying that she doesnt mind cold spaghetti. im sure Stacey can change her mind! And then the assault starts with jugs and bowls of spaghetti and spaghetti Hoops flying all over the place. It doesn't take long for Jen...
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GooeyGames RPS3 Piemageddon   added 3/11/14
GooeyGames are back with Rock Paper Scissors 3 Playing the game are Georgina Lakshmi And Gabbi, who have found the secret Stash of Drumsticks! The first round is all about clothes: If you lose, you lose an item of clothing. Removed with pleasure of your opponent.

Then its Piemageddon standard ru...
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GooeyGirls Mess Around   added 3/9/14
Gabbi and Eden And Jenkins find themselves bored and looking for some excitement on an cold wet winters afternoon.

It doesnt take them long to raid the GooeyGirls Store for all manor of messes to play with including Yogurt, Eggs, Custard, Chocolate Cake mix, Ice cream, And Golden syrup the Girls e...
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GooeyGirls Make Dessert   added 3/9/14
Gabbi Georgina and Lakshmi wanted to make dessert which sounded like a great ideal. Until they decided that they wanted 3 Girl shaped desserts!

They set out to make their first dessert with on Lakshmi with Trifles, Ice cream and Golden syrup.

Georgina's turn to be dessertified next with the Trifl...
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